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KSR Handlooms Private Limited


Creative Reaserch&Develapment Designing Unit

Creative research Apparel design development department is responsible for product development. They focus on developing Sarees, garment designs in similar product categories the company does its business. Designers develop new design collection ...

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Computerized Ebroidery Unit

The verb embroider has to decorate with needlework, embroidery is three  dimensional offering high lustre and textured effects. It is associated with quality, adding value to a product. our in-house machines are computer-controlled ...

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Our Campus

The KSR Handlooms Pvt Ltd uphold the visionary values of our founder Shri. Kouthavarapu Srinivasa Rao (KSR) he started with modest beginnings, he envisioned a grand future for our generations to come. It was his vision that revolutionised a humble ...

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Hand Crafted Weaving Technology unit

Ancestral fabric weaving method is handloom weaving ,India is a home to varied handloom weaving styles, you observed each  region 20 to 30 different weaving styles available. The only thing that you can do is discover and try each and every ...

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Ancestral Screen Printing Unit

Screen printing is an ‘ancestral’ printing method. It uses a stencil, which is commonly referred to as a screen . The artwork is separated into Multiple colours ,Screen printing applies each colour one at the time. A new screen is ...

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Computerized digital Printing Unit

Digital printing is the latest printing technique as opposed to analogue printing that involves the creation of prints with the aid of designs conceptualised using computer software. Fabric is printed by digital ...

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Traditional Dyeing Unit

Yarn dyeing: In yarn dyeing, the yarns are dyed first before the fabric manufacturing stage. The yarn dyeing happens in hanks .

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Technical Finishing Unit

Depending on the final product our finishing teem can fallow the different type of technical finishing methods of machine trimming, Manual trimming, researched curing methods, ironing, knoting’s, tussels, folding and packing in this prosses ...

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Coustomer Relationship Unit

Coustomer Relationship Unit

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Garment Unit

Garment manufacturing that starts with sample development the Production processes are Sampling development approval then fabric sourcing, cutting, sewing, thread trimming, pressing, quality checking, folding and warehousing these entire processes ...

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Administrative&Hr Unit

Our HR department plays an effective & strategic role to manage company employees, the work culture, and the work environment so that people can work easily as effectively and productively in our business organization. Mainly our role is ...

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